Introducing Brian

Meet a nationally recognized Interactive (Web) Producer AND Project Manager, as well as a photographer, artist, graphic designer, stand-up comic/host, and writer. Brian can manage any project, develop creative assets and ideas on-the-fly, and add flavor and spark to any team.

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A Producing, Project Manage-y, Creative Dev, Funny, Designing, Broadcasting, Picture-taking, Social Media, Writing Kind of Guy.

Brian's skills and technical abilities translate well to any field or company (or university or non-profit).

Additionally, Brian has excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills, strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills. He has managed project staff of up to 20 and multi-million dollar budgets (both urgent, short-term projects and complex, longer-term projects... as well as local community initiatives and events). Brian offers the flexibility to take on multiple responsibilities and assignments simultaneously and the ability to meet deadlines with ease.

He can talk code with the geeks, sling social media with the “marketeers”, get all artsy with the artists, and take command of any crowded room.

Brian has used many of his diverse and sometimes unusual talents to turn challenges into solutions that can yield profitable results and crowd pleasing accomplishments.

He has experience with grant writing and fundraising and has volunteered with the Salem (MA) Cultural Council, the Beverly (MA) Public Schools, and The New England Aquarium.

  • Project Management

    Producing, Organizing, Event-staging

  • Communication

    Public Speaking, Stand-Up Comedy, Writing

  • Web and Social Media

    Visualizing, Tweeting, SEO-ing, Coding

  • Artist

    Painting, Photographing, Designing


Good words from good people (via LinkedIn).


A blog. A notebook. A chance to psychoanalyze.

Comedy. Comedy. Comedy.

Stand-Up Samples and Short Videos (The Easily Offended should be wary!)

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