Diary Entry 10: Shower Liner Season

Brian Gerard : 02/12/2018 : Dear Dairy


Dear Diary,

Did you know that it is Shower Liner Season?

What is that?

Well, it’s when I come to the realiztion that it is time to change out the shower liner. It just takes a bit of time. Hence, why I refer to it as a season.

It all starts while showering one day and thinking “Hey. I could use a new shower liner.” I then do this for the next 20 days or so…

Until, I finally breakdown and actually buy said shower curtain liner.

But the season doesn’t end there. I hate hanging shower liners. My arms get really tired doing it. (I know. I know. Poor baby.)

So I put the liner on the bathroom vanity. It stays there for two weeks as if I am showing bathroom guests that “Coming soon! New shower liner! Check out our Facbook page. #theseason.”

Then I muster the courage (sometimes in liquid form) to hang the liner. I start with the first hook, trying to still keep the shower curtain attached… which it doesn’t. As I progress, I come to the realiztion that I have an extra hook.


So I go back on the liner and count the grommets (What a fun word!) and it dawns on me that it wasn’t Lin Shao who made an imperfect curtain. It was me not being able to accomplish a seemingly easy tasks.

Ow. My arms.

Finally, it is all done and I am sweaty. Boy do I need a shower. I jump in, turn the water on, and promptly pass out from the overwhelming smell of plastic.

Until next season,



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Oven Baked Artichoke Hearts

Brian Gerard : 07/06/2018 : FoodThings, Vegetarian

Way better than in a salad. Serves 6.

Things You’re Gonna Need:

No real amounts are given here because it’s really up to you and as many artichoke hearts you use. On the average for each jar, I would say a Teaspoon forall the dried items and a Tablespoon for the Olive Oil.

As many jars of marinated artichoke hearts as your little heart desires.
Garlic and Parsley Combo Spice
A swig of olive oil
Onion powder

Whatcha Gotta Do:

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