Raw Book
It's time for an update. Get your money ready.... ready to give to me, that is. Not Bukowski is just a cover away from being real! Ready to buy? I'm guessing mid-April will be the time to satisfy all your bad poetry needs! Wooo!
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Eyes Very Wide Open
Holy crap. Holy moly. Holy spitooly. Holy.... The book is written. THE BOOK IS WRITTEN! I have finished writing Not Bukowski. It's only been ten...oh wait... 14 years in the making since the last book. Jesus, I am a lazy slug. And trust me, this one wasn't worth a 14-year wait. You are going to be so disappointed. On the bright side, I have the title for my third book. Jonathan Winters Seagull. Now comes the tough part. Doing my taxes and cleaning out that weird mystery stuff under my toenail. No... I am kidding. It's the editing. It's time to hunt...
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blog Feb 9 2017
I hate the Internet. There. I said it. The Internet is useless to me.... unless of course, you are reading this on the said Internet. Then, I love the Internet because it is bringing me much needed attention and a justification of my Narcissism. Yeah. I am a Narcist but I had a therapist once tell me that I was the nicest Narcist he had ever met. That's gotta be good for something. Now enough about me... let's talk about me.... and my loathing of the Internet. If you are looking for information, the Internet is just a giant piece of...
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