Blog Feb 9, 2017
I hate the Internet. There. I said it. The Internet is useless to me.... unless of course, you are reading this on the said Internet. Then, I love the Internet because it is bringing me much needed attention and a justification of my Narcissism. Yeah. I am a Narcist but I had a therapist once tell me that I was the nicest Narcist he had ever met. That's gotta be good for something. Now enough about me... let's talk about me.... and my loathing of the Internet. If you are looking for information, the Internet is just a giant piece of...
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Jesus. I haven't put anything on here in forever... since last year. Okay, so that was only a month ago but c'mon Bri, I can do better. Now with a book almost ready to be "hot off the presses," I gotta keep up the words because no one can do or sell anything on the Interwebs these days without some good ol' fashioned SEO. SEO stands for "Stupid Excercise in Obfuscation." Or does it? The theory is that if I use some KEYWORDS in these here blog posts, the Almighty Google will send more people to visit my website just because I used...
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Dead Pool Picks
2016 seems to have killed off a lot of celebs and while it could just be that everyone is a celebrity these days or that social media makes us hyper-aware, my friends and I have decided to play a little game where we try to guess who will die in the remaining 4 days of this year. There's a prize and rules.... and you are welcome to join in. Use the contact form to add your picks. Check out our Dead Pool Picks.  
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