Diary Entry 8: Poop, and Not the Good Kind


Dear Diary,

I really like my new Doctor. She gets me.

Recently, she changed one of my meds to Zoloft… yep, it helps with the voices.

I had been on Prozac, which stunned her. She considered it outdated. She also wondered if I suffered from chronic diarrhea. I guess it is a prevalent side effect. I assured her I was good.

She then asked about how many milligrams. I told her and she said that was a strong amount but then again it was an older drug, so things were made stronger. She said the next dose up was the highest and she wouldn’t give that even to an elephant.

I looked at her and said “You do know what you just made me visualize.”

“Yes, of course.” she replied. “Elephant Diarrhea.”

Have I mentioned that I really like my new doctor and that she gets me?

Until tomorrow,


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