Diary Entry 4: No Jumpy Jump



Dear Diary,

Car broke down…well, not broke down…battery just decided it needed some time off.

I know. Big deal. Shit like that happens to everyone.

But before you go back to not paying attention, there was irony involved.

Actual irony…not the “rain of your wedding day” fauz irony… I really am on the case of these rock ’n’ roll folks lately , huh?

No. My battery went dead at a gas station, right at the pumps…after pumping gas. Still not ironic…but here it comes…

The station had no jumper cables. None. Zip. Zero.

Ironic one might say.

And neither did any other person there who came to get gas etc.

Well, except for this one guy. He came into the gas station, backed to the pump…and slowly got out…walking with a limp. I asked him if he could give me a jump. He replied that he could but first he had to fill his care as it was on fumes.

He limped slowly to the cashier to prepay….and minutes…many minutes later, limped back eating a toaster pastry.

He started to pump the gas.

As he finished, I got out of my car and popped the hood.

He looked at me, jumped in his car, and squealed out of the station lot and away.

Must have been something in that pop tart.

Until tomorrow,


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