Diary Entry 1: The Dairy Diary?



Dear Diary,

Can I call you that? Is that okay? I mean you probably didn’t set out to be a diary. You are just paper with lines on it the people can write on. I just am going to use for diary but if you prefer another name, let me know at some point. Hell, maybe you want to be called Pete.

Did you have a choice in how you were bound? Wow. That makes it seem sexual and all 50 Shady but you know what I mean already. I can tell. We have a bond that binds us.

See what I did there? But seriously, are you okay with the glue and stuff for a spine? The spiral thing would have been cool but I don’t see you as much of the notebook type.  Besides, I would have stuck my pen in there just as storage. That would feel weird.

I guess while we are on the subject of greetings, it’s probably cool I am not dyslexic. Because then you would be a dairy.

Dear Dairy,

I need eggs.

Until tomorrow,


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